28 Day Reset: Detoxifying Diet and Supplement Program

Reduce inflammation, improve gut health, optimize digestion and feel AMAZING!

The 28 Day Reset is a whole foods-based, gentle detox program.  It focuses on taking out foods that cause digestive problems, fatigue and weight gain and replacing them with real food that is naturally detoxifying and health-promoting. By removing inflammatory,  junky foods and supporting the body's own detox systems with anti-inflammatory foods and natural supplements, positive change is inevitable! Eating real, whole foods for 28 days gives your body a chance to rebalance, heal and start moving towards an OPTIMAL healthy state. You may notice changes in your energy levels, mental focus, digestion, sleep quality, body composition and symptoms sometimes caused by food sensitivities, like headaches, fatigue and skin issues. You have nothing to lose except your afternoon energy slump and maybe a couple pounds!

This program takes the guess-work out of healthy eating. With a detailed diet protocol, supplement recommendations (complete with a daily schedule and 15% discount on recommended brands),  30+ easy and delicious recipes, a 7 day meal plan and tons of other tips and resources, you'll be 100% prepared to make the change towards a healthy, whole-foods lifestyle. You can do this!!

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PDF guide includes:

  • Full diet protocol: what to eat and what not to eat
  • Supplement protocol for the most effective detox
  • Daily detox habits guide
  • Sample 7 day meal plan
  • 30+ simple and delicious recipes
  • Top tips for optimal digestion
  • Practical tips for staying on track
  • BONUS meal planning template
  • BONUS healthy alternatives guide
  • BONUS resources

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28 Day Reset Results

"I have WAY more energy, heightened focus and motivation, and have seen extremely positive changes in my body aesthetic as well. I've lost 7.5 lbs if you include the week before the detox, where I cut out alcohol/coffee to prepare. I've also lost an inch off my waist, hips, and thighs. My energy levels have been through the roof. I have been finding it easier to get up in the morning. I've also found myself more focused and productive, and burning through tasks to the point where I'm finding extra hours in the day. By the time I hit the second week, I had already seen progress physically and felt amazing, so there was a ton of motivation to continue. I'm excited about healthy food. I've been sleeping better. It's like a vicious cycle of positivity. So all around, I'm much HAPPIER as well." -Lanie M, 29
"I have a massive sweet tooth and was nervous about the ‘no sugar’ rule. I made sure I had some detox friendly sweets on hand just in case, but what I found was that after dinner, when my aggressive sweet tooth normally hits me, I did not crave anything!! I was so satisfied from my meal. I also noticed an appetite decrease (believe it or not!), and my theory is because I was eating whole, nutrient-dense, calorie-dense foods (think avocados, brown rice, fibrous vegetables) that kept me full for so long! The second thing I noticed was a decrease in bloat, especially in the evenings. I woke up feeling tight and lean, and went to bed feeling the same way. Usually, I go to bed a bit bloated and puffy! I would highly recommend this detox program for anyone who wants to increase their energy, decrease bloating and tummy gas/pain, decrease their cravings, and over-all feel like a badass who kicks ass at whatever they are going to tackle each day! It also was a huge money saver because I did not eat out!! I have kept up most of the detox ‘rules’ with the exception of 1 cup of coffee in the mornings, and a few meals out, and I plan to stick to the basics of this program as a lifestyle. Feeling amazing from the inside out is worth it. DO IT!" -Elise D, 27