1-on-1 Coaching + Personalized Nutrition Plans


Do you have the desire to do better in the area of nutrition, but need help getting started on the right path? Investing in nutrition coaching is the right place to start if you're ready to make a change.  Over three sessions we'll dig into your unique health goals and challenges, explore the foundations of nutrition and self care, and come up with a plan to get you moving in a healthier direction. The experience is equal parts education, support and accountability... and it's fun! 


  • 3 coaching sessions with Liz focused on nutrition education and habit change
  • A healthy recipe guide tailored specifically to you (15+ recipes)
  • Customized dietary recommendations to help you reach your goals
  • Personalized supplement recommendations
  • Holistic lifestyle recommendations
  • Resources and educational handouts on relevant topics 

TOPICS we'll discuss:

  • How to eat for all day energy
  • The most effective strategies for changing bad habits and implementing healthy ones
  • How to make cooking and meal prep part of your life
  • Food quality and why it matters 
  • What SHOULD you be eating?? (Your top 10 most supportive foods)
  • How to transition from a standard diet towards a nutrient-dense diet


  • $260 CAD

Contact me here or send me an email at hello@lizdornian.com for more information and next steps!

“Liz broke everything down for me and made it really easy for me to understand what was happening with my body”
— Amanda A

"She’s helped me open up to a whole new way of eating/living. She’s there whenever I have a question, even if I think its silly she never makes me feel ashamed!"

-deanna d

"She was really realistic in her expectations and was understanding of my needs and challenges. Liz’s expertise and insights allowed me to become more aware of what was happening to my body and to really listen to what it was telling me."


"Liz provided a detailed plan that allowed me to achieve my goal while still enjoying food. She also offered fitness tips, recipes & snack ideas that helped keep my diet interesting and satisfying. She manages to make the subject of healthy food very engaging for the everyday person, and has inspired me to be creative in using nutrition to take care of my body"

-lanie m

“Thank you so much for getting me back on track with eating and getting myself healthy again. I honestly couldn’t have done it with out you. I felt at our meetings you were very welcoming and understanding. You taught me a lot about the importance of fueling my body! I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for a nutrition coach!”
— K. H.